BSN Textdraw Editor Online 0.8 - Multiple Textdraw Support!

BSN Textdraw Editor is an online tool to create Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer textdraws, this little applet generates
PAWN codes which can be used in .pwn file to create Textdraws

Works best with Google Chrome  

Important Note:

DO NOT click generate or click on the preview image unless the page loads completely.


Textdraw Name For PAWN not to be displayed on screen

Textdraw String Displayed on screen



Drag to select color

Size   Normal size 0.6 to 1.5

Set Proportional   Yes   No

Preview will appear here

Select Textdraw Position

Click anywhere on the image to select textdraw cordinates                                                                        Custom Image

Note: The position you select is assigned to the top left corner of your text.

Tap arrow keys to move textdraw over screen or just click on image       

You pointed on X = Y =

Textdraw Outline       Yes     No


Box : Enabled Disabled

Box Properties
Width Height Color

Final Code

Use TextDrawShowForPlayer(playerid, Textdraw_Name); or
TextDrawShowForAll(Textdraw_Name); to show textdraws
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